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Archive for June, 2009

Precious Metal

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

The value of a precious metal investment lies largely in its’ ability to act as a hedge against economic factors that negatively affect dollar values. Our U.S. dollar is the World Reserve fiat, or printed currency, which is backed by gold, not unlike virtually any other fiat currency ever printed. Since gold backs the value of our currency, increased demand for the yellow metal historically corresponds with struggling dollar values. Subsequently, increasing demand for gold, means higher gold prices, which are reflected in the gold spot price, which fluctuates hourly, according to global demand for the metal. Investors can log onto, for the latest spot prices.

Our nation’s Treasury Department has printed over forty percent more money over the past few years, which is cause for great concern among droves of investors. As a result, they have been converting their wealth into precious metal, like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, to offset these dollar devaluations. Gold and silver are the two most traditional precious metal investments, since silver is historically used as a diversification vehicle for gold investments. The primary concern for most investors today, is long-term security. Rare coins are traditionally used for this purpose, as their numismatic value tends to appreciate over time. Rare coins like $20 Lady Liberty’s and Saint Gaudens coins are popular among gold investors, and rare, silver coins like Morgan Silver Dollars, or Peace Dollars, make ideal diversification investments. Short-term profit investments are usually made with diversified investments in gold and silver bars and coins, like Johnson Matthey bullion bars, along with gold and silver American Eagle bullion coins. Investors are encouraged to continue researching this website for discounted, institutional rare coin and bullion prices, or to contact an experienced, friendly, precious metal specialist.

John Burke

Precious Metals

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Large-volume precious metals dealers make purchases for financial institutions like insurance companies and banks, and the surplus from those transactions is offered to household investors at the same, large-quantity discount. There are lots of helpful sites for investors to refer to, like and for retail prices on a wide variety of bullion and rare coin items. These sites also offer daily market updates, buying tips, as well as other helpful links to assist precious metals buyers with their long-term and short-term financial needs. Short-term investors typically buy bullion bars and coins, as their prices normally hover slightly above the current gold spot price, and holding periods for bullion normally range between one and fourteen months. Popular bullion items include coins like 22 Karat American Eagles, and bullion bars by Credit Suisse, or Johnson Matthey.

Long-term precious metals investors usually buy certified rare coins, as their numismatic value has been validated by either the PCGS, (Professional Coin Grading Service), or the NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corp). Numismatic value generally appreciates over time, and a great many investors prefer to pay the added premium of having that value verified by one or both of these companies. Certified rare coins like $20 Lady Liberty’s, or $20 Saint Gaudens, are among the most popular long-term purchases, with other coins like $2.5, $5, and $10 Indian gold coins, being favorites for diversification. Investors can comparison shop retail prices on these and other certified rare coins on, or They are then advised to contact a reputable, large-volume precious metal dealer, to avoid paying retail prices on their rare coins and bullion items. Large-volume dealers make institutional buys for corporations and banks, and pass those large-volume discounts down to household investors like you and me.

John Burke

Precious Metal Gold

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Prospective precious metal gold investors are advised to thoroughly research their investment options by logging onto, or, for retail prices on items like rare coin, and bullion. These sites also provide useful information concerning the precious metal gold market, as well as insightful research links to aid investors in meeting their specific precious metals needs. Today, investors face the challenge of protecting their wealth throughout the indeterminate inflationary period that we are now entering. Since there’s presently no telling how long this inflationary scourge will manifest itself, many wise investors are preparing themselves for long-term financial security, with purchases of certified precious metal gold coins like $20 Lady Liberty’s and Saint Gaudens.

Diversification is traditionally recommended in most precious metal gold investments, and bullion is commonly used as a short-term, potential profit vehicle to supplement the long-term benefits of rare coin. Bullion prices tend to hover slightly above gold’s spot price, and normal holding periods for bullion usually range between one and fourteen months. Favorite precious metal gold bullion items among experienced investors include coins like 22 Karat American Eagles and proofs, 22Karat South African Krugerrands, 24 Karat Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas, and Australian Kangaroos. Investors can comparison shop at, or, for more of the latest retail prices. Bullion bars, in one-ounce, and ten-ounce denominations are also popular among household investors, and reputable names like Johnson Matthey and Credit Suisse, are recommended for guaranteed purity. Investors are advised to consult a reputable, large-volume gold dealer, for institutional discounts on bullion and rare coin.

John Burke

Invest In Precious Metals

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Those with a desire to invest in precious metals, should always thoroughly evaluate their specific financial needs, and then conduct as much research as possible on their own, to determine which possible investments would best customize those needs. Today’s growing economic instability has prompted enormous concern for long-term financial security among countless investors, so many of them are buying rare, gold coins like $20 Lady Liberty, and Saint Gaudens, 22 Karat investment grade gold coins, which are certified by the PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), or the NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corp). Also referred to as Double Eagles, these coins have been among the top performing coins in gold over the past few years, and investors can log onto, or, for updated retail prices on certified coins.

A great many experienced investors agree that diversification is recommended to anyone who may possibly invest in precious metals, and bullion investments in silver bullion coins like Chinese Silver Pandas, or Australian Kangaroos, are sound considerations, as these items also make superb candidates for physical possession. Investors can log onto, or, for retail prices, information on IRA’s, and an expansive selection of precious metal rare coins and bullion items to fit most budgets. Once investors have researched their precious metals investment options, they are advised to transact their precious metal purchases through a reputable, large-volume precious metal dealer. These types of dealers conduct huge transactions with financial institutions like banks and insurance companies, which allows for large-volume discounts. These institutional discounts are passed onto savvy household investors, who choose to transact with the institutional dealers, as opposed to local, retail precious metal providers.

Precious Metal Blog

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

When reading a precious metal blog, which is the abbreviated term for “web log”, investors are urged to maintain their objectivity, and always scrutinize the information provided. It is pivotal to remember dear readers, that the information offered in a precious metal blog, is only as reliable as the source of that information. For this reason, it is always recommended for investors to follow up on the reputability of the source that he or she is drawing from. For example, I personally recommend that readers log onto, for live prices on precious metal coins and bullion, updates in the global precious metal market, as well as information regarding the purchasing and selling of precious metal investment and collection items. Some of the more popular items include rare, American Double Eagle coins like $20 Lady Liberty’s and Saint Gaudens, as well as bullion items like Johnson Matthey one-ounce bars, or modern American Eagle coins.

One particularly poignant point on today’s site is an item entitled “Ten Things Gold Dealers Don’t Want You To Know”. This type of title warrants credibility, as it offers prospective investors a note of transparency, in that a precious metal buyer can gain some empowerment in dealing with dealers, simply by reading that article. Consequently, referring readers to that article lends credibility to this particular precious metal blog, as readers can now verify or discount the information offered by both sources. Readers may also want to consider logging onto, as more and more investors are diversifying their precious metal investments in both metals, for maximum financial security, and future profit potential. Remember, investors are always to maintain their scrutiny, whether they are talking to a live precious metal dealer, or reading a humble precious metal blog.

John Burke

Precious Metals Market

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Droves of disgruntled Wall Street investors have converted their remaining investment and retirement dollars into the precious metals market, as traditional investments in stocks and bonds have virtually imploded. Investors and prospective investors can log onto Precious for updated information concerning the precious metals market, and other economic news. The precious metals market has been expanding over the past few years, as a weakening dollar, combined with years of irresponsible banking and brokering practices, has virtually decimated countless portfolios and retirement accounts. Overprinted currency has led to weakening dollar values, and although our nation’s dollar has managed to show some improvement as of late, a great many feel that it’s not enough to withstand the relentless pressure of the indeterminate inflationary period we are currently entering.

Dollar values share an historic, inverse correlation with gold prices, which means that gold prices tend to rise during times when dollar values continue to struggle. The vicious inflationary cycle of the 1970’s was a clear demonstration of this inverse correlation, as the dollar lost over 60% of its’ spending power, while gold investments made nearly 1000%. Our current inflationary quandary is already being compared to that of the 1970’s, which lasted into the 1980’s. There’s no telling how long this inflationary cycle will last, and many savvy investors are purchasing rare coin, for long-term financial security, and bullion for short-term potential profit.

John Burke

Find Precious Metal Sellers

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Opportunistic investors can find precious metal sellers by logging onto, for a wide range of precious metals investment options. Precious metal investing has grown exponentially over the past few years, as investments in rare coins, like $20 Lady Liberty’s and Saint Gaudens 22 Karat gold coins, are widely considered to be superb vehicles for long-term financial security. Short-term profit seekers traditionally choose bullion bars or coins, as their prices usually hover near the spot price of gold, and holding times for bullion normally range between one and fourteen months. Popular precious metal bullion choices include 22 Karat gold coins, like American Eagles, or 24 Karat Canadian Maple Leafs. Reputable bullion bar names include Johnson Matthey, and Credit Suisse one-ounce gold, silver, and platinum bars.

Investors are urged to find precious metal sellers like large-volume institutional dealers, who handle transactions for financial enterprises like insurance companies and banks. These types of dealers buy bullion and rare coin in very large volume, and left over amounts can be sold to household investors like you, at institutional discounts. Investors should always thoroughly evaluate their own, specific, individual financial needs and expectations, before committing to any precious metals investor. Those who wish to find precious metal sellers are advised to avoid dealers who use heavy media ad exposure, as these local emporiums generally aren’t qualified to customize your individual financial needs. Instead, investors are urged to contact a reputable, large volume dealer, like, for world-class consultation on your precious metal needs.

John Burke

Tracking Silver Projections

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Tracking silver projections is particularly pivotal, especially when investors are considering how to best implement their precious metal diversification strategy. Diversification of precious metals is traditionally recommended, as silver historically acts an effective hedge against negative factors that could affect gold prices. Investors can log onto, or, for the latest spot prices on silver, which are essential for tracking silver projections. The spot price of silver is the cost of one Troy ounce of silver, which fluctuates hourly, and is directly influenced by global demand for the white metal. Unlike gold, silver prices aren’t directly tied to dollar values, although demand for silver does tend to rise along with gold, as investors seek to diversify their precious metal holdings.

Since silver is a “less precious” metal than gold, it also has industrial and technological uses in the auto, electronic, military, and aeronautic endeavors. For example, silver is used in micro circuitry for the military and space programs, as well as for emissions absorption in car exhaust systems. It is used in making film for still or motion photography, and is even woven into the fabric of G.I. underwear, worn by our brave fighting men and women, for added durability and odor absorption. Although silver projections have been speculative over the past few months, silver consistently outperforms gold on a percentage basis. Silver has increased by more than 300% since 2001, and just this year, silver experienced the largest one-month “spike” in 22 years. Prospective investors are advised to contact for world-class consultation on tracking silver projections, as well as institutional discounts.

John Burke

Buy Indian Gold Coins

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Experienced rare coin investors traditionally recommend diversifying their investments, and those with an affinity for the romantic days of the “Wild West”, buy Indian gold coins, for a precious glimpse into a time long-gone, but never to be forgotten. The current investment trend involves strong interest in Double Eagle coins like PCGS or NGC certified $20 Lady Liberty’s or Saint Gaudens 22 Karat, investment grade gold coins. These coins have been among the best performing coins in gold, but investors buy Indian gold coins for their rarity, greater numismatic value, and affordability. Gold Indian coins come in smaller denominations of $2.5, $5, and $10 denominations, offering investors a variety of choices to fit many budgets. These coins are also superb candidates for physical possession, as their unique designs convey a somber sense of dignity, appreciation, and admiration for investors and collectors alike.

Indian gold coins have a smaller precious metal content, but their rarity lends them greater numismatic value, which generally tends to appreciate over time. Many seasoned investors prefer to have the numismatic value of their Indian coins verified, so they buy coins that have been certified by either the PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service), or the NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation). Both of these companies employ teams of rare coin experts to evaluate, and assign mint state grades to coins, which determine their numismatic value. Mint state grades of 60 through 63 are the most common investment quality grades, as higher grades command considerably higher premiums, and are usually reserved for serious collectors. Prospective investors are advised to contact for world-class consultation on your rare coin investment options, as well as institutional discounts.

John Burke

How To Find Gold Bar Prices

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

A great many investors fear that rising inflationary rates will soon combine with struggling dollar values to create a no less than toxic environment for economic stability. More and more opportunistic investors are inquiring about how to find gold bar prices, as gold bars are the traditional investment vehicles for potential short-term gains. Investors and prospective investors need only to log onto, or, to determine the approximate value of a bullion, or prospective bullion investment, as bullion prices tend to hover slightly above the spot price of gold. Normal holding periods for bullion bars and coins are between one and fourteen months, as bullion has no numismatic value, and doesn’t appreciate over time.

A great many investors are learning how to find gold bar prices, but should be advised to use reputable, large-volume precious metal dealers, who handle institutional buys with banks and insurance companies, as well as household investors like you and me. These types of dealers cover a nationwide territory, and have ratings of A, or better with the Better Business Bureau. Look for a rate of four to five percent above the current gold spot price, as any higher rate could probably be beat. As of today, around 1:00 Eastern Standard Time, gold’s spot price was at $930. Gold is projected to break its’ all-time record high of $1033 by mid-summer. Investors who think they may be interested in an opportunity for potential short-term profit, and want to learn more than simply how to find gold bar prices, should contact for world-class consultation on your gold bar investment needs, as well as institutional discounts.

John Burke