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Demand for gold is at an all-time high. Traditional “paper investments” like stocks and bonds have been decimating countless portfolios beyond recognition, and more and more investors are flocking to precious metals in the hopes of escaping the destructive elements in today’s economic environment. Factors like inflation, government manipulated interest rates, dollar devaluation and overprinting of our nation’s currency have all contributed to creating the global economic investment panic that we all face today. As a result, many unsuspecting investors are rushing into investments that could further harm their already damaged portfolios, and jeopardize their financial futures beyond repair. As I’ve stated many times before, it is essential for each investor to conduct a detailed analysis of his/her own specific financial needs and expectations from owning gold before entering into any gold investment. Precious metals investment offers many options, and it is wise to carefully evaluate all of them as well, before making any rash decisions. Technological advances in past years have streamlined the gold purchasing process, and many new investors are becoming attracted to purchasing precious metals online.

Precious metals transactions online are also referred to as ETF’s (or Exchange Traded Funds). They were first introduced on the Toronto Stock Exchange around 1992, as a way to expand the growth of the world’s precious metal trade market. Purchasing precious metals online is convenient and fast. With a phone call and a few clicks on the computer, an investor can own electronic shares of gold within minutes. Though this method is convenient, it never results in physical possession of gold. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, or technological failure, these electronic shares would be worthless. Purchasing precious metals online may be a great way to initially convert a portfolio into precious metals, but it is also wise to convert at least some of those ETF’s into physical gold.

Danny Burns

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