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IRA Transfers

The state of today’s global economy is without question a messy one. I was not so humorously reminded of this the other day, as I was walking across the supermarket parking lot, burdened by two handfuls of loaded grocery bags. I had nearly reached my car, when two of my bags suddenly ruptured, and my celery lay on the hot, crumbled asphalt, while soda cans erupted their sticky, carbonated contents all over my legs. Meanwhile, various canned goods rolled under parked cars, while moving cars slowly rolled over a once fresh loaf of bread. Happy Easter. Oh well, at least I didn’t buy eggs. Fortunately, a very attentive clerk came to my assistance with fresh bags, and also replaced my damaged items. All’s well that ends well, I suppose, but such isn’t the case for investors who have witnessed the bottom drop out of their retirement accounts.

For those unfortunate investors, there are no attentive Wall Street investment managers rushing to their aid (as if any even exist). Each investor, with broken bags and baggage, has been left on the sidewalks of Wall Street to pick up his or her own mess of damaged, poorly packaged investments. Many angry investors are gathering the remnants of their retirement investment dollars, and making IRA transfers into precious metals. IRA transfers are growing in popularity among baby-boomer investors who look to close in on their retirement. After a careful assessment of his or her specific financial needs, each investor is recommended to consult a large volume precious metal dealer to assist them in their IRA transfer. Reputable dealers with a proven track record, like the Certified Gold Exchange, are experienced and extremely helpful for investors who wish to make an IRA transfer.

Kenneth Hansen

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