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Gold Coin Retirement Accounts

Ever-growing numbers of household investors are considering gold coin retirement accounts, now that they have divested from their traditional holdings in stocks and bonds, and converted their remaining investment and retirement dollars into gold. Many panic driven investors initially converted their salvaged wealth into ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds, due to the speed and convenience of making ETF transactions. Now that they are discovering the many avenues of diversification, more and more baby boomers that approach and enter their retirements, are opening gold coin retirement accounts for financial protection and potential profit. Current economic conditions are remarkably similar to those of the 1970’s, and savvy baby boomers not only remember those times, they are banking their retirements on those same conditions to recur.

The vicious inflationary cycle of the 1970’s was one of the toughest economic cycles that our nation ever endured. Our dollar lost over 60% of its’ spending power, and investments in stocks and bonds were fruitless, to say the least. Conversely, gold investments made as much as 1000% or more, for those who got into gold early in the cycle. This time around, baby boomers are preparing themselves with gold coin retirement accounts, to profit from their collective past experiences. A well-diversified gold coin retirement account, with bullion coin and rare coin, is an excellent vehicle for short-term and long-term profit. Bullion coin prices tend to hover around the spot price of gold, so investors can make short-term profits from bullion, as spot prices increase. Rare coin investments are preferred for long-term profit, as rare coin possesses numismatic value, which generally increases over time.

Danny Burns

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