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PAMP Suisse Bars

Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux (artistic, precious metals products), more popularly known as PAMP Suisse bars, are widely recognized as the most revered of all precious metal bars. PAMP Suisse bars are named after their refinery, which is located in Castel San Pietro, in Switzerland. The PAMP refinery is the world’s leading independent precious metal refinery, and manufactures gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion bars of the highest quality and purity, and has been in existence since 1977. PAMP Suisse bars are accredited by the Swiss Federal Bureau, and their guaranteed purity is backed by sworn assayers (or certifiers), the Swiss National Bank, and the London Bullion Market Association. Each PAMP Suisse bar is sealed, registered, and numbered in a protective holder (known as a slab), along with their Assay Certificate, which guarantees their purity, and one troy ounce content.

In today’s global economic climate, gold investing is taking center stage, as a worldwide demand for gold is poised to reach a fevered pitch. Investors everywhere are converting their investment and retirement dollars into precious metals, as traditional investments in stocks and bonds have virtually gutted portfolios and retirement accounts from coast to coast. U.S. dollars values are severely threatened by massive overprinting, and growing outcry for a new global currency. Meanwhile, predictions for hyperinflation are magnifying fears among professional and household investors, alike. Historically, these types of economic factors favor precious metals investment, and PAMP Suisse bars are considered to be ideal for easy and discrete carrying, trading, and storage.

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