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Precious Metal Spot Prices

Precious metal spot prices are taking the spotlight on the global economic stage, as gold continues its’ arduous climb toward history. Gold is projected to break its’ own, all-time record high of $1033 by the middle of this summer, and is currently hovering around a $955 resistance level, finishing the day at around $954.70. A great many investors are looking to capitalize on these projections for short-term and long-term gains, with diversified investments in gold/silver bullion and rare coin. Bullion is traditionally used as a short-term profit tool, while rare coins are widely considered to be the premier investment for long-term financial security with potential for future profit. Diversification is historically recommended for optimal wealth protection, and silver is usually the “Scottie Pippen” to gold’s “Michael Jordan” in the precious metals diversification philosophy. (To the readers who are not sports fans, my humble apologies for using a basketball analogy.)

The only one of the precious metal spot prices that is directly tied to dollar values is gold. Gold is the world’s oldest currency, and virtually every fiat, or printed currency ever created was backed by gold. Historically, overprinting of fiat currency has always depreciated its value, most times into obscurity. Our nation’s Treasury Department has printed over forty percent more money over the past four years, and dollar values are in for more trouble, as we all await the onslaught of an indeterminate inflationary period. Gold’s historic, inverse correlation with dollar values is currently being clearly demonstrated, and each prospective investor should thoroughly evaluate his or her own, specific, individual financial needs and expectations. They should then contact for world-class consultation on precious metal spot prices, as well as institutional discounts.

John Burke

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