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Tracking Silver Projections

Tracking silver projections is particularly pivotal, especially when investors are considering how to best implement their precious metal diversification strategy. Diversification of precious metals is traditionally recommended, as silver historically acts an effective hedge against negative factors that could affect gold prices. Investors can log onto, or, for the latest spot prices on silver, which are essential for tracking silver projections. The spot price of silver is the cost of one Troy ounce of silver, which fluctuates hourly, and is directly influenced by global demand for the white metal. Unlike gold, silver prices aren’t directly tied to dollar values, although demand for silver does tend to rise along with gold, as investors seek to diversify their precious metal holdings.

Since silver is a “less precious” metal than gold, it also has industrial and technological uses in the auto, electronic, military, and aeronautic endeavors. For example, silver is used in micro circuitry for the military and space programs, as well as for emissions absorption in car exhaust systems. It is used in making film for still or motion photography, and is even woven into the fabric of G.I. underwear, worn by our brave fighting men and women, for added durability and odor absorption. Although silver projections have been speculative over the past few months, silver consistently outperforms gold on a percentage basis. Silver has increased by more than 300% since 2001, and just this year, silver experienced the largest one-month “spike” in 22 years. Prospective investors are advised to contact for world-class consultation on tracking silver projections, as well as institutional discounts.

John Burke

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