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Precious Metal Exchanges

Most experienced investors agree that reputable, large-volume precious metal exchanges are the best way for household investors to satisfy their specific, long-term and short-term financial needs and expectations. Gold investment among household investors has boomed over the past few years, and more and more local gold merchants are getting into the act, usually with loud, colorful print and T.V. ads that promote discount gold prices.

These types of gold dealers may actually have an attractive array of bullion and rare coins, but they aren’t versed in assisting household investors to customize their specific, long-term and short-term needs. What’s more, the misguided souls who actually purchase gold from these local gold merchants not only pay a full retail premium, they also help pick up the tab for the expensive T.V. or print ad that initially drew them in.

Conversely, reputable large-volume precious metal exchanges can afford to pass on the savings from their institutional gold buys to household investors like you and me. These precious metal exchanges make gold purchases for financial institutions like banks and insurance companies, and sell the surplus gold from those transactions at the same, or nearly the same discount rate to savvy household investors. Large-volume exchanges are also versed in consulting individual investors, to effectively customize each investor’s specific, financial needs and expectations, using bullion for short-term needs, and rare coins for long-term financial security. Investors are encouraged to contact one of our friendly specialists for expert consultation, and institutional savings on bullion and rare coin.

John Burke

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