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Precious metal investing can seem to be initially overwhelming, but household investors soon discover that making a precious metal purchase is a methodical process that begins with a thorough evaluation of each investor’s finances. The process culminates with a well-devised precious metal purchase that is customized to the individual needs and expectations of each investor. There are plenty of new faces in the gold investment picture now, especially since the spot price of gold has continued to set new record highs throughout the past four weeks. These “Johnny and Janie-come-lately” investors must decide if they wish to emphasize their focus on bullion or rare coin, as bullion is ideal for short-term profit gains, while rare coins are proven to secure wealth over the long term.

Today’s growing economic turbulence has convinced a great many of today’s investors to forego the short-term profit game for long-term financial security, and to make a precious metal purchase in rare coins like Double Eagles. Double Eagles are $20 Lady Liberty and $20 Saint Gaudens, 22-karat rare coins. They were minted from 1850 and 1907, and from 1907 to 1933, respectively, and each type of Double Eagle coin contains nearly a full troy ounce of pure gold. Their impressive precious metal content is secondary to their numismatic value, which has historically appreciated dramatically during long-term inflationary periods like the one we are presently encountering. Bullion investments like 22-karat American Eagle modern coins make ideal short-term diversifications, as they are far less expensive and therefore less complicated to liquidate if need be. Investors can avoid paying outrageous retail prices for their American Eagle bullion and Double Eagle rare coin by contacting one of our friendly specialists, who offer institutional discounts to household investors like you.

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