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21st Century technology has jaded multitudes of investors into thinking that the precious metal market is a high-risk, unorthodox, extremist venture, when in fact it is a historically proven, beneficial safe haven market throughout even the worst of economic conditions. It is also true that during stretches of economic prosperity, the precious metal market is rather dormant, and also why gold prices historically tend to rise when our economy is failing. Many of today’s investors are paying a high price of entering the precious metal market, as the gold spot price has repeatedly outdone itself with new all-time record highs. Our economy is presently in such bad condition however, that most people believe that the spot price has far greater heights to reach before economic order is eventually restored.

Long-term wealth preservation is the primary concern for the vast majority of today’s household investors, and Double Eagle coins are among the most coveted long-term precious metal investments. Double Eagle coins are rare, 22-karat, $20 Lady Liberty, and $20 Saint Gaudens gold coins, which contain nearly a full troy-ounce of pure gold (.9675 ounces). Their rare coin status distinguishes them as irretrievable through government confiscation, and their numismatic value has appreciated dramatically throughout past economic recessions. Many of today’s investors are diversifying their Double Eagle holdings with bullion coins like 22-karat American Eagles, so less expensive bullion coins can be liquidated for short-term spot price gains while more valuable Double Eagle coins appreciate. Investors can receive institutional discounts on their American Eagle bullion, and Double Eagle rare coin by contacting one of our friendly specialists, who offer these discounts to household investors like you.

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