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Not unlike many things in life, the most precious metal doesn’t necessarily mean the best investment for your money. Since physical, investment-quality precious metal like gold is available in both bullion, and rare coin form, each prospective buyer must first identify with his or her own, individual, financial needs and expectations, and then obtain the most precious metal of that type, to customize those needs.

For example; many of today’s investors are in desperate need of long-term financial safety, and stability. Since the value of our currency is presently so unstable, and since those with real wealth needn’t concern themselves with hourly fluctuations in the gold spot price, then the best investment for them is rare coin. The most precious metal that could be obtained by a long-term investor is bullion, but since rare coin possesses numismatic value that potentially appreciates more dramatically throughout recessions, then rare coins like Double Eagles, would be more appropriate.

Double Eagles are rare, $20 Lady Liberty, and $20 Saint Gaudens, 22-karat gold coins, whose numismatic value has enormous potential for appreciation throughout long-term, catatonic, economic cycles like the one we currently face. Investors are hereby encouraged to research these numismatic rarities’ wealth protection capacity, as well as the importance of official numismatic certification, on websites like, or

Those who complete their research can receive institutional discounts on their bullion, and/or rare coin by contacting one of our friendly specialists, who offer these discounts to household investors like you.

John Burke

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