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Precious Metals Values

Between platinum, palladium, gold, and silver, gold’ precious metal values move in an inverse accordance with dollar values, since gold is the precious metal that officially backs the perceived value all of the world’s fiat (printed) currency. Gold’s inverse correlation with dollar values is presently being demonstrated, with our dollar registering 80.02 on the Index, over an overextended euro that must contend with the combined economic problems of Greece, Italy, and Spain. Meanwhile our government has done precious little to bolster the strength of our U.S. currency, other than maintain their insipid pledge to maintain interest rates at near zero levels, and hope for yet another freshly printed stimulus package from our U.S. Treasury.

During times like this, when economic uncertainty threatens the very future of our nation’s currency, precious metals values carry much greater emphasis, as currency-based commodities like oil, sugar, cotton, flour, and gold, all appreciate in value. Meanwhile, the value of printed currency is forced to adjust through multiple interest rate hikes, and ever-rising consumer prices.

Gold generally claims the abundance of the attention on precious metal values, as the wealth of entire nations is often times reflected in their gold holdings. Nations like the United States, Russia, South Africa, Australia, China, and Tanzania have their own gold recourses to draw from, but nations like India have no domestic gold production, and therefore must acquire their bullion through the IMF, which is the International Monetary Fund.

Prospective buyers with unanswered questions about precious metals investing are encouraged to contact one of our friendly specialists, who offer institutional discounts on bullion, and certified rare gold coin to household investors like you.

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