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Protecting Retirement Accounts with Precious Metal IRA’s

Retirement investors have increased the demand for precious metals in U.S. Individual Retirement Accounts. This new surge of growth stems from many of the reasons other investors have been turning to precious metals – a hedge against inflation, dollar weakness and credit-market worries. Since precious metals have no liabilities or debt like stocks, bonds, or U.S. dollars, investors looking for risk aversion could benefit from a precious metal IRA.

Gold and other precious metals have often provided stability in difficult economic climates, and are often used as a hedge to protect other investment positions. Diversifying your portfolio seems to be the prudent trend recently; having a precious metal IRA or including this type of investment in an IRA can help to protect your retirement savings. Historically precious metals, particularly gold, often retain their value when stocks decline—and may even appreciate. When opening an IRA for precious metals, you can roll over cash from other IRAs and then use it to purchase bars or investment coins. You can also do this with funds from a 401(k) account, although in some cases you will only be able to do this if you leave the employer where you have the account.

Most individuals saving for retirement qualify for a precious metal 401k, or IRA; however, very few know this option exists. Transferring you r 401k or IRA is relatively simple, and precious metals. Org can assist you every step of the way. Before you decide to make precious metals a part of an IRA, make sure you know the risks and the IRS rules governing this type of investment. If you have questions simply contact one of our friendly precious-metals IRA experts for assistance.

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