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Daily Precious Metal Update

February 17, 2009 – Bullion bars like those made by Pamp Suisse, Credit Suisse and Johnson Matthey have been piling up in safety vaults around the world as wise investors prepare for an even more difficult recession that could show signs of hyperinflation in the near future as a result of governments pumping massive amounts of money into their economic systems. Precious metals in general have been increasing in popularity during the last several weeks and today they’re all at an increase and are predicted to continue increasing due to higher safe haven demand in anything that is not directly connected to a weakening currency such as the United States Dollar, even though it did increase in value today. This higher uncertainty in fiat currency as well as the stock market is driving investors to purchase bullion bars and certified investment-grade rare coins in order to profit and preserve their hard-earned wealth during the recession. It’s already been historically proven that in the last 5/6 recessions that gold for example has increased in value and many predict that the same thing could happen during this recession like it has been showing so far.

During midday trading investors around the nation are flocking to bullion bars and coins this has spiked the gold spot price to around $967.50 per ounce which is an increase of 2.75% for the day and 14.85% for the month. With such positive short-term and long-term projections saying that many precious metals could increase in value by up to 200% if the economy continues to get worse, doesn’t it make sense to own a few bars of coins before it is too late? I wish you the best luck when investing.

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