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August 3, 2009 - Precious metal coins like the American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs and $20 Saint Gaudens are increasing in value today as commodities in general are thriving amidst rising speculation that inflation could come sooner than expected. The latest economic data is showing that inflation is slowly but surely growing in our economy, yet economic growth is also being seen in several different sectors, thus there is speculation about an economic recovery creating an excellent opportunity for inflation to grow at a dangerous rate down the road. Fortunately, precious metal coins have proven their ability to thrive during both inflationary and deflationary economic environments.

Gold Spot Price = $956.20 per ounce, increasing $1.70

Silver Spot Price = $14.21 per ounce, increasing $.30

Platinum Spot Price = $1235 per ounce, increasing $26

According to several market analysts, we may see a moderate acceleration in economic growth within the next few quarters as our economy begins to temporarily recover after the massive injections of dollars that have been pumped into the United States through stimulus and bank bailout packages. All eyes are currently on the United States Federal Reserve, because once they decide to increase interest rates, we may see skyrocketing inflation as a result of higher safe haven demand that typically sparks during high inflationary periods. The last time that the United States economy faced similar problems was during the late 1970’s when precious metal coins increased in value more than 800% in just two years as a result of wise American investors flocking to physical possession gold and silver.

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