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Daily Precious Metal Update

February 25, 2009 – Precious metal investing is becoming more and more popular every single day as traditional investments like stocks are floundering due to the weaker corporations and the devaluing of United States Dollar. Wise investors around the nation are finally considering owning physical possession gold, silver and platinum in order to hedge their assets from the deep problems that are facing the global economy. This morning investors saw a few stocks increase in value based on the speculation that the United States government would not take control of their biggest banks, but this quickly changed when the Standard And Poor said that they expected to see more sovereign rating downgrades than upgrades by the end of the year. Even corporations themselves are expecting less profit than usual this year and it is probably because the previous optimism that they had was shot down by inflation and economic contraction. People looking to benefit from precious metals investing may find today’s low prices an excellent opportunity to enter the market while coins and bars are still available.

Precious metals are acting positively today as a result of the weakening stock market, with gold moving up to $2.30 to around $965 per ounce, silver moving up $.15 to around $13.91 per ounce and platinum moving up nine dollars to around $1050 per ounce. The sky is the limit right now and with the global economy losing faith in their fiat currencies, we may see many more wise investors consider precious metal investing as the ultimate backup plan. I wish you the best of luck when investing.

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