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Daily Precious Metal Update

April 6, 2009 - Precious metal bars are becoming a popular alternative to the stocks and bonds that are directly connected to a weakening United States Dollar, and lately the demand for these bars has increased to such a high level that mines around the world cannot supply the demand. Today it seems like the values of these precious metal bars are falling due to optimism that the global financial crisis could end sooner than expected, yet several people are not considering the long-term inflation that could result from over $10 trillion in stimulus and bank bailout packages. Bloomberg Television has recommended that American investors do not sell their precious metal bars at the moment since short-term instability could result with stocks and bonds, which in turn would be beneficial for the values of safe haven assets. Gold and silver have been projected to outperform most other financial markets through the year, so a proper diversification could make the difference between a winner or loser in today’s race to wealth preservation.

The spot prices of precious metals are falling today and gold is currently trading at $868.70 per ounce while silver is trading at $12.09 per ounce and platinum is trading at $1141 per ounce. Several market projections are expecting gold and silver to rebound by the end of the week, so make sure you track spot prices and invest now if you would like to take advantage of the increase in value that could occur in the near future as wise investors begin to stray away from the dangers of equities and bonds.

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