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Precious Metals Gold

Precious Metals Gold

Precious metals gold has been commonly referred to as the "investment of the generation" because it has a historical tendency to profit and preserve wealth during difficult economic times like the ones the world is experiencing now. They are adverse to the prices of stocks, bonds and real estate along with the strength of the United States Dollar. Lately, investors have been taking advantage of the increasing precious metals gold prices because as inflation continues to rise, prices of gold also rise with it. Governments can print as much paper money as they want but they cannot bring new metal into the market this fast, giving gold a significant advantage over fiat currency. The United States Treasury is increasing their paper money supply without hesitation and this can lead the way to significant spikes in precious metal values during the upcoming years

Depending on your investment needs and goals, there are a variety of ways to invest in precious metals gold, but the most common ways are with bars or coins that are either taken into physical possession or placed in a storage depository for either investment or retirement account usage. Below are our most popular gold products:

Bullion Bars

Pamp Suisse 1 ounce/10 ounce Fine Bars
Credit Suisse 1 ounce/10 ounce Fine Bars
Johnson Matthey 1 ounce/10 ounce Fine Bars

Bullion Coins

Austrian Philharmonic 1 ounce Coins
American Buffalo 1 ounce Coins
American Eagle 1 ounce Coins
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 ounce Coins
South African Krugerrand 1 ounce Coins

Certified Rare Gold Bullion Coins

Double Eagle (St.Gaudens) 1 ounce Coins
Indian Head 1 ounce Coins
Lady Liberty 1 ounce Coins

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