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Precious Metal IRA

Precious Metal IRA

How to Begin A Precious Metal IRA And Receive Excellent Prices
Recent economic problems have put millions of retirement accounts at major losses. Retirement investors everywhere in the Unites States have scrambled, looking for alternative investments that can at least retain the hard-earned Dollars that we thought were safe. During times like the ones we are experiencing, and the ones that we will experience, it is important to have an asset that has a historical background of maintaining value when an economy is weakening. Gold has been referred to as “the investment of the generation” and helps make it a simple process while giving you excellent prices. works directly with the two most reputable trust companies that manage precious metal retirement accounts. With us working hand in hand, we can make transferring an IRA, 401K or 403B into a pure gold-backed IRA a simple and exciting time. What could be more exciting than feeling the preservation that gold has offered retirement investors for years? Every investment has its ups and downs but current economic situations show that gold could have less risk than mainstream investments such as stock or bonds. If you feel that a precious metal IRA may be right for you, simply call our friendly experts and follow the instructions below:

Equity Institutional was formed in 1974 and is based in Waco, Texas. Equity currently has more than 130,000 individual and business retirement account clients, and the company supports over 10,000 financial professionals. Equity provides alternative investment custodial services to brokers, advisors, sponsors and Precious Metal IRA holders.

GoldStar Trust Company has been working with individual and institutional investors, Precious Metal IRA holders, brokers and places of worship. GoldStar Trust is based in Canyon, Texas and holds more than $2.2 billion in assets for clients in 38 states.

First, complete and fax/mail the IRA transfer forms that give a Equity Institutional or GoldStar Trust custodian the ability to manage your new precious metal retirement account.

Second, once the funds have been transferred to a Equity Institutional or GoldStar Trust custodian, a retirement specialist will call you and offer you a wide selection of fine gold, silver and platinum products to place into your new IRA account

To begin your precious metal retirement investment today, call our IRA Department at 1-800-300-0715. experts are standing by to help guide you to happier Golden Days. If you would like to receive your free “2014 Insider’s Guide to Gold, Silver and Platinum Investing,” please click here.

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